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Not to worry.

I'm going to walk you through everything that's waiting for you… all 10 video clinics packed with stunningly effective softball drills and coaching tips… with no strings attached.

Here's what's included:

Video Clinic #1: "Hitting Drills For Bat Speed & Power" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #2: "Softball Pitching Drills" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #3: "Indoor Defensive Drills" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #4: "Ultimate 1st Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #5: "Ultimate 2nd Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #6: "Ultimate 3rd Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #7: "Ultimate Shortstop Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #8: "Ultimate Pitcher/Infielding Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #9: "Ultimate Catcher Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #10: "Ultimate Outfield Drills" ($19.99 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $259.84
Your Price: One Dollar!

There's no "fluff" here. And no beating around the bush.

In each one of these videos, you're getting a world-class coach with a proven track record of success... blowing the lid off her favorite "insider" techniques and strategies for better softball.

And there's no need to waste time experimenting with unproven strategies. Everything you'll learn has been pre-tested and approved by other Softball Inner Circle members.

Simply watch these videos… teach the techniques to your kids (we'll show you how, using simple breakdown drills and step by step instructions)… then sit back and watch while your team dominates your competition and racks up more wins than you ever thought possible!

Okay, you're probably hungry for some more details... so let's go through each of these videos one by one.

Video Clinic #1
"Hitting Drills For Bat Speed & Power"

Your first instructor in this incredible package is none other than Sue Enquist... 11 Time NCAA Champion... WSF, UCLA and NFCA Hall of Famer... Vivian Stringer award winner... 1992 Coach of the Year... and probably the world's number one softball coaching authority.

In over 30 years as a coach and player, Enquist racked up a staggering 1,314 victories (.835 winning percentage)... and mentored 58 all-americans and 12 Olympic Gold Medalists along the way (including softball superstars Lisa Fernandez and Dot Richardson).

Over the years, she's developed an incredible "training blueprint" that produces high quality hitters season after season.

And after almost three decades of testing and tweaking, she’s finally blowing the lid off her system and revealing it to the world!

Here's a sample of what's included:

8 little-known ways to build massive forearm and hand strength. These jealously guarded tips transform dribbling ground balls to screaming line drives... with just a few minutes of practice per week! (find this tip at 2:45 of the video)
A killer training tool (found at the local grocery store) which develops lightning quick bat speed and titanic power (4:31)
An amazingly simple way to build balanced upper body strength. Master this simple tip and your girls will hit the ball a country mile... from the left OR right side of the plate! (7:36)
How to train your hitters to crush the middle, inside and outside pitch. This technique focuses on "unlocking the arms" ensuring a smooth, controlled stroke that makes contact with the sweet part of the bat! (11:20)
Why using different sized balls teaches your girls to swing with laser-like precision... and unleash towering line drives every time they step the plate (14:21)
2 common "wrist control" mistakes nearly every young hitter makes... and exactly how to correct them (16:02)
An easy swing adjustment that allows even novice players to hit the rise ball with effortless ease. This tricky pitch gives most softball teams fits... but your girls will be eating it for breakfast once you learn this simple secret! (17:01)
How to teach your players to keep their hands inside the path of the ball. Simple coaching strategies that work wonders for every age and competitive level! (20:39)
A wildly effective "underload" drill that trains players to stay relaxed and rhythmic throughout the swing. This one tip alone increases bat speed by up to 41%! (24:09)
The sure-fire "2x6" method that automatically installs pro-level balance... teaching your players to swing with a powerful, fluid motion for devastating extra-base hits to every corner of the field (26:08)
How to avoid "spinning off the ball" or "diving to the plate" - this secret really amazed me! (28:10)
How to train your hitters to transfer power from the legs, through the core and into the arms and bat... for a silky-smooth swing that makes opposing coaches gasp with amazement! (29:30)
A rarely used "blind swing" drill that gives your hitters a huge psychological advantage over pitchers (30:04)
How to stop your players from overstriding using a unique "stride box" drill. All you need is a 2x4... a metal bracket... a hammer... and 2 nails... and in just 5 minutes you'll have a world-class hitting tool that automatically trains your players to use a shorter, more compact swing (32:45)

And a lot more. Click on the button below to access this complete video (plus 9 more) now! It's only a buck!

Video Clinic #2
"Top 10 Softball Pitching Drills"

This next video comes to you from 2-Time All-American pitcher and NCAA standout Dee Dee Weiman. Over 4 years at UCLA Dee Dee posted an incredible 59-13 overall record, with 746 career strikeouts, 16 no-hitters, and a mind-boggling 0.79 ERA!

Today, she's the head coach at national powerhouse Cal State Fullerton, where's she's already produced two All-American hurlers… and led the Big West conference in ERA, opponent batting average, strikeouts, strikeouts looking, wins, and fewest hits allowed!

Inside this one-of-a-kind 39 minute video Dee Dee reveals her 10 favorite pitching drills for developing an explosive fastball, pin-point control, and rock-solid confidence on the mound.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

Drill #1: A killer "wrist snap drill" that generates massive power in the release and follow through. Add 5-10 MPH to your fastball just by practicing this simple routine! (find it at 1:15 of the video)
Drill #2: How to introduce a weighted ball into your pitching practice routine. Plus… the "no-brainer" alignment technique that immediately eliminates common pitching errors (7:19)
Drill #3: The jealously guarded "progression drill" that automatically develops flawless pitching mechanics. (12:55)
Drill #4: How to extend your pitcher's stride (and instantly boost her velocity) using a little-known "cone drill" (15:01)
Drill #5: A simple "arm-circle" secret that's PERFECT for young pitchers. Makes a powerful, accurate fastball so easy you could cry with joy! (18:40)
Drill #6: An amazingly effective "shadow" drill that trains builds rock-solid balance on the mound, and syncs up the timing between the lower body and upper body… for a consistent, repeatable pitching motion ANY girl can learn (21:14)
Drill #7: How to train your pitchers to produce jaw-dropping power from the legs, then accelerate through the torso and into the upper body with a unique "one foot explosion" drill. (25:05)
Drill #8: A neat little "walk through drill" that quickly imprints the correct pitching motion into your pitcher's muscle memory. This is my #1 secret for pre-game warmups. (29:11)
Drill #9: The "long distance" pitching technique that builds wicked arm strength in just minutes per day! (32:45)
Drill #10: A "6 minute speed drill" that immediately and permanently improves your arm speed, leg drive, and overall mechanics. (35:04)

And much, much more. Click on the button below right now to get instant access to all 10 videos - right over your computer screen!

Video Clinic #3
"Indoor Defensive Drills"

indoor defensive drills

Your third video is brought to you by CCAC Coach of the Year Myra Minuskin. Currently at the helm of St. Xavier University, she's rapidly becoming one of the hottest softball instructors on the planet.

In 2002, Minuskin's St. Xavier Cougars led the NAIA in fielding... and you'll see why when she explains her simple system for defensive success in this video.

ALL of these activities can be done indoors or outdoors... PERFECT for cold-weather teams, or for any team looking for efficient ways to develop throwing, catching, and fielding skills.

Everything is explained with step by step instructions and live demonstrations… so it's mega- easy to learn and implement with your own team!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover:

A super-efficient 3-person "intensity drill" that works on fielding, throwing, catching, and conditioning... all at the same time! (1:01)
The best way to get a massive number of ground ball repetitions for your infielders... in only a few minutes of practice (3:55)
How to simulate a game situation relay throw (even if you have limited gym or field space to work with). Practice this simple technique a few times a week and your team will be nailing baserunners 9 times out of 10! (8:01)
An advanced (yet easy to learn) technique that teaches your players to trust eachother on the field. This simple trick will virtually eliminate your fielding errors, and have your defense functioning like a well-oiled machine! (10:37)
A rarely used "4-corners drill" that trains your girls to throw the ball with laser-like accuracy. The best part: you only need a 20x20 square to make it happen! (14:02)
7 "Circuit" drills that are easy to teach and brain-dead simple to execute. This is the single most effective way to structure a safe, efficient indoor practice that rapidly improves your players skills (17:48)
A killer short-hop drill that trains your fielders to stay low over the ball and field it cleanly for a quick throw to first base (19:01)
A high-intensity infielding drill that builds cat-like reflexes and massive vertical leaping ability... so your girls can rise up and snare screaming line drives with ease! (22:11)
How to teach pro-level footwork to your team using a little-known "crossover step" drill (23:01)
2 simple tips that dramatically improve your outfielders mobility. These are straightforward skills that are easy to master... and immediately translate to better foot quickness, reaction time and agility on the field (27:02)
How to run an indoor scrimmage (in limited space) using a little-known "tee-drill" technique (29:10)

And a lot more. Click on the button below to get instant access to this video, plus 9 more! Your investment is just one dollar, and it's only available for the next263 219 131 19 coaches!

The last 6 videos in this package all come from an incredible series called "Ultimate Fielding." Your instructor for each mini-clinic is Sue Enquist... 11-time NCAA Division One Champion at UCLA -- and one of the most accomplished defensive coaches in the history of the game.

Inside each video, Sue reveals her favorite coaching tips for each defensive position on the field.

You get a total of 64 all-new, incredibly effective drills covering EVERYTHING you need to know about softball defense. From footwork... to glove placement... to throwing... catching... on-field communication and fielding strategy -- it's all here.

There's absolutely no "fluff" or theory either. Each technique is explained with step by step detail and demonstrated by real UCLA softball players.

Here's a small taste of what's included inside each video:

Video Clinic #4
"Ultimate 1st Base Drills"

How to develop nimble feet and sure hands using a simple "Footwork Numbers Drill." Trains your girls to field the ball, then set their feet to the appropriate base with cat-like quickness (1:35)
How to teach your 1st baseman to switch her feet, line up her target and throw a pinpoint strike to any location on the field (4:33)
What to do if your 1st baseman has weak backhand fielding technique (5:01)
A HUGE mistake infielders make with their footwork… and an easy way to eliminate it . (HINT: has to do with focusing the quadriceps muscles at a particular time in the fielding sequence) (5:47)
The little-known secret to throwing a runner out at home. It's all about the timing and location of the throw! (7:01)
How to safely handle a foul fly ball along the side fence. Your 1st baseman will finally go after those pop-ups with total confidence…and without fear of getting hurt! (10:49)

The advanced (yet easy to learn) secret to catching a wild throw at first. Helps your 1st baseman learn to handle balls thrown over her head… to either side… even those tough ones in the dirt! (12:57)

  And much more...

Video Clinic #5
"Ultimate 2nd Base Drills"

A clever little "Do or Die" drill that trains your girls to attack an oncoming grounder and field it with machine-like precision. (1:31)
The correct way to execute a "shovel toss" to the shortstop at 2nd base. Absolutely essential for mastering the double-play ball (4:01)
An amazingly simple secret for increasing the accuracy of your 2nd baseman's throws. Get the consistency of an Olympic level infielder in the shortest time humanly possible! (5:19)
Why you should ALWAYS lead with the glove foot when fielding a ground ball. (You'll kick yourself for not realizing this before!) (9:02)
A "Double Play Footwork" drill that teaches your 2nd baseman to cover the bag, receive the ball, then pivot and fire a guided missile strike to first in one smooth motion (11:33)
How to cover first base in a bunt situation. Simple and straightforward to learn… even if you've never coached softball before! (13:08)
  And much more...

Video Clinic #6
"Ultimate 3rd Base Drills"

A "Ground Ball Series" that trains your 3rd baseman to gather the ball, then transfer their momentum toward the intended target… for a smooth, powerful throw that's right on the money (1:03)
The correct way to play a bunt down the third base-line. Most young players get this DEAD wrong! (2:45)
The costly mistake many 3rd basemen make on short throws. Stop it now and do this instead! (3:36)
How to teach your 3rd baseman to handle a blooper hit over her head. The key is to take a straight line to the ball… no zig-zagging or "L-turns" allowed! (6:21)
A "Fly Ball Communication" routine that establishes right of way in the field. Critical for avoiding collisions and ensuring short fly balls are handled correctly (8:10)
How to pick off an aggressive runner at third... for a HUGE momentum changing play that will set fear into the hearts of your opponents… and totally inspire your team! (12:01)

Video Clinic #7
"Ultimate Shortstop Drills"

A "Long/Medium/Short Throw" drill series that installs flawless mechanics and supreme confidence into your Shortstops. Gets consistent and repeatable performance for your team, no matter how much your girls are struggling right now! (1:54)
The back leg "load" secret that pumps massive velocity into your infielder's throwing motion. Works for ALL your players, even if they're small, skinny, or lack upper body strength! (4:33)
How to corral a ground ball and pivot towards the target without making any "false steps." Master this simple secret and you'll see an INSTANT improvement in the way your Shortstops play! (5:42)
Why your shortstop should NEVER reach for the ball when trying to tag out a runner at second base (9:41)
A nifty "Double Play" series that trains your Shortstops to turn two in ANY ground ball situation. It's simple and easy, and produces immediate results on the field! (12:21)
  And much more...

Video Clinic #8
"Ultimate Pitcher & General
Infielding Drills"

How to teach your pitcher to "become an infielder" immediately after releasing the ball… without compromising the speed or accuracy of her pitch (0:45)
An innovative "bucket" technique that forces your infielders to focus on their throwing accuracy. Works like crazy... especially with youth softball players! (2:13)
What to do when your opponent attempts a "suicide squeeze." Get detailed responsibilities for all the crucial positions… and exactly how to teach them to your team (5:01)
4 critical tips to remember when executing a run-down. These are simple techniques that produces instant results… but they're rarely taught to regular coaches like you and me! (7:29)
The fastest, easiest way to teach proper relay technique. Gets your infielder's momentum traveling toward home plate… for a faster, more accurate throw to the catcher (9:02)

Video Clinic #9
"Ultimate Catcher Drills"

An easy way to teach your catchers how to frame pitches. This one technique alone will get you an extra 2… 3… even 4 extra strikeouts per GAME! (1:03)
A BIG error young catchers make that really ticks off the umpire… and can actually COST your team the game (2:11)
2 simple techniques for teaching your catcher to handle pitches in the dirt. Sue shows you how the pros do it, and why this "danger zone" will never be a problem for your team again! (4:55)

The #1 mistake catchers make when handling pop flies behind the plate.

  HINT: has to do with the way the ball spins… and where your catcher needs to position herself to make a play (6:30)
How to train your catchers to chase down a wild pitch, then deliver an accurate throw to the plate under pressure. Master this simple technique and your opponents will think TWICE before trying to steal home! (9:30)
The correct way to block home plate and set up the tag for an oncoming baserunner. Ensures the ball is secure and doesn’t get knocked out! (10:57)
How to field a short bunt, then deliver a blazing throw to first base with pinpoint accuracy (12:30)
An easy drill for teaching your team how to execute the pitchout. Incredibly effective for nailing an over-aggressive baserunner for an easy out (13:45)

Video Clinic #9
"Ultimate Outfield Drills"

The single biggest key to fielding a ground ball in the outfield. Say goodbye to those costly errors - and get ready to crush your competition with total fielding perfection! (1:23)
A simple "body-ball-target" trick that trains your outfielders to handle forehand catches, backhand catches, and over the head catches with ease! (3:22)
A HUGE "head placement" mistake outfielders make when playing the short-hop. You'll see exactly why this type of ball produces so many errors… and a simple tweak that immediately corrects it! (6:33)
A unique "Sun Ball" drill that trains your girls to track a high fly ball off the bat… right through the path of the sun… then into their glove for an easy out. Every time. (8:55)
How to systematically improve your outfielder's footwork, agility, and eye-hand coordination using a fun little "Zig-Zag" drill (10:01)
The #1 key to playing a long fly ball near the fence. It's NOT what you think! (12:41)

And a whole lot more.

It doesn't matter if you're a rank beginner who's never stepped on the field before… or if you've been coaching softball all your life… I guarantee you'll find loads of all-new, stunningly effective drills that will immediately and permanently transform your softball team into a dominating powerhouse!

Click on the button below to get all 10 videos for just one dollar!

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Okay, I know we've covered a lot... so before we go any further, let's review everything you'll be receiving in this package:

Video Clinic #1: "Hitting Drills For Bat Speed & Power" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #2: "Softball Pitching Drills" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #3: "Indoor Defensive Drills" ($39.97 value)
Video Clinic #4: "Ultimate 1st Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #5: "Ultimate 2nd Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #6: "Ultimate 3rd Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #7: "Ultimate Shortstop Base Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #8: "Ultimate Pitcher/Infielding Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #9: "Ultimate Catcher Drills" ($19.99 value)
Video Clinic #10: "Ultimate Outfield Drills" ($19.99 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $259.84
Your Price: One Dollar!

As you can see, the $259.84 is not some "made-up" number. Each one of the first 3 videos could sell for $39.97 (or more) on their own. And the 7 videos in the "Ultimate Fielding" series are easily worth $19.99 apiece.

But you can have all 10 videos, and get all 107 drills, today - for just one dollar. A spectacular deal… especially considering most coaches would give up a kidney for these secrets.

As soon as you sign up, you'll be directed to our Softball Inner Circle members area, where you can instantly access all 10 videos right over your Internet connection. Or - if you prefer - download the video files to your computer and watch them at your convenience.

You can even bring your laptop into practice and show these techniques to your team! There's no special software or fancy equipment needed. If you know how to use a mouse... then you have everything you need to access these secrets just a few moments from now.

Okay, you're probably wondering, what's the catch?

"Why The Heck is Coach Becky Giving
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It's really quite simple! I'm trying to get you "hooked!"

That's right. I'm shamelessly attempting to get you "addicted" to my Softball Inner Circle program. Look, if the videos are as good as I say they are… if you really do see the immediate and permanent improvements in the way your team plays, you'd be silly not to continue, right?

Of course!!!

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Here's How This Whole Thing Works

To claim your package, all you have to do is click on the button below

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If you enjoy the videos and want to remain a member of Softball Inner Circle, I'll send you a brand new softball coaching online video clinic every 30 days.

I've reviewed hundreds of coaching videos and personally selected the hottest topics from the best coaches on the planet... all geared to save you time, improve your players skills and help you win more games.

Once you see how much better your team plays… and how much easier and more enjoyable your coaching job is, we'll simply automatically charge you the lowest fee for ongoing Softball Inner Circle membership - only $29.95 per month.

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If, at any time, you feel like you're not getting the results I’ve promised, just email me at support [at] softballinnercircle.com and say "cancel" and it's done.

There are no hassles, no questions, and definitely no hard feelings. Even if you decide to accept the 10 videos for a buck, and nothing else after that.

Okay... There Is One "Catch"

If you're going to become a member of my Softball Inner Circle, and I'd LOVE to have you in it, there are two conditions you'll have to meet.

First, you have to make a commitment that you'll actually use these coaching strategies with your team this season.

I’m 100% confident that when you try this stuff, the game will become easier, you'll win more often… and you’ll have more FUN coaching than you ever have before.

But you need to actually use these techniques in order to see the results.

I'm not trying to be mean or harsh. But the purpose of this offer is to help you achieve the success your team is capable of… and only 263 219 131 19 more coaches will be allowed to get it.

So I’d prefer not to waste the slots on those who won’t actually use the information.

Second… and this kind of goes without saying… you have to be ethical and a good sport.

Seriously, the techniques you’ll discover inside Softball Inner Circle are so incredibly powerful and effective, you're going to utterly dominate some teams in your league.

So you have to promise that you'll maintain the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship. That means no running up the score… no showboating… and no trash talking.

I take my reputation seriously, and only want to be associated with other coaches who believe in the value of sportsmanship and honest competition.

Sorry if that sounded a bit “preachy”, but I have a really high standard when it comes to that stuff, and it's important to me that the coaches I associate myself with take it seriously as well.

So that's the only catch.

If you can meet those 2 conditions, I’d be honored to have you accept these 10 videos and test drive my Inner Circle program. Simply click on the button below and you can get started immediately!

But please, don’t hesitate. My accountant thinks I'm absolutely nuts to try an offer like this... and one of my business partners has already threatened to toss me in the loony bin.

In the end, he (reluctantly) agreed to allow this offer for the next 263 219 131 19 coaches only. Any more than that, and I could really lose my shirt.

After those slots are gone, I have no idea if or when we’ll ever make this offer again. If you come back tomorrow, chances are this site will be shut down and the offer closed.

So don’t go back to checking your email or surfing the web. Click on the button now to claim your gift today. It could be your only chance.

Yours for better softball,

Coach Becky Wittenburg

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P.P.S. Here's what other coaches are saying about Softball Inner Circle:

"The Girls Are Excited"

softball hitting

"I am amazed at how many drills that my girls can use during practices. The girls are excited to do something different than the same old drills that we have been doing.

Di Apato
Oak Lawn, IL

"From .251 to .418"

"In the last seven games, since working on these tips with my team, our batting average has jumped from .251 to .418. Every player on the team is swinging with better mechanics. I was sceptical before, but this is the real deal! Thanks so much for this video."

Quincy Alexander
11-12 Yr Old Coach
Ramona, CA

First Year Coach Says...

softball coaching

"This is my first year coaching fastpitch, not to mention the first time I've worked with girls. The drills have been a lifesaver. The girls love them because of the various things we do so they aren't getting bored."

Dave Howard
Head Coach

"Covers A Wide Range Of Ages"

softball coaching tips

"I'd recommend this to other coaches because it covers a wide range of ages and skill levels"

Karen Ginn
Brookings HS Fastpitch
Brookings, SD

"Dramatically Improved
Our Hitting Technique"

"Last year, my eight and under team was 7-5. This summer, we went 10-0 and really improved dramatically in our hitting technique. All the parents were really impressed with the performance the team displayed."

George Lara
Plainview, TX

Rookie Coach Goes 22-6!

softball drills

"This was my first season and we went 22-6 and made it to state! The drills helped my team and kept me on track."

Sarah Klinetobe
O'Neill Eagles
O'Neill, NE